Habari ! Karibu ujifunze machache juu ya kampuni ya TUKAONE PROJECTS, LTD. Yafuatayo ni maelezo mafupi juu ya shirika hili.


Mradi wa TUKAONE ni mradi ambao umeanzishwa mwaka 2016 kwa msaada na ushirikiano mkubwa wa marafiki zetu kutoka Mexico, akina Jeremia na Silvia, ambao wanamiliki shirika la Walk Around The World, LLC na kuweza kutusaidia kununua Shamba lenye ukubwa wa ekari 15, katika kijiji cha Hembeti.


Malengo makuu ya shirkisho hili:

  • Kufanya shughuli za kilimo kwa njia ya umwagiliagi ili kukuza uchumi wa jamii zetu na hususani kuboresha ustawi wa jamii zetu kiujumla.
  • Kuziwezesha jamii maskini za wakulima kwa kuwapatia mikopo midogo midogo
  • Kuanzisha shule katika hatua mbalimbali ili kutoa misaada ya elimu kwa watoto.


S.L.P 46, Morogoro, Tanzania, 255.

Nambari ya simu ya kiganjani:

+255 (0) 622 081 080


Tunapenda pia kutoa shukrani zetu kwa watu wote wanaopenda kusaidia juhudi hizi katika shirika letu. Tunasema mungu awabariki na kuwatia nguvu. Amina.



Hello! Welcome to learn something on the co-operation of TUKAONE PROJECTS. The following is a brief information on our organization.


The project of TUKAONE is an organization that was established in 2016 with a support and cooperation with our friends Jeremy and Silvia from New Mexico, USA who own Walk Around The World, LLC and who were able to support TUKAONE with buying 15 acres of land at Hembeti Village for irrigation farming purposes. 


The objectives of our organization are:

  • To run agricultural projects through modern systems of Irrigation farming in order to improve our economies, thereby ensuring food security, AND having realized that our Nation`s efforts in supporting Agriculture is still very poor.
  • To help financing poor farmers families through small loans.
  • To establish schools of all levels and provide educational supports to the underprivileged group.


P.O.BOX 46, Morogoro, Tanzania, 255.

Mobile Phone No:

+255(0)622 081 080


We give thanks to all our sponsors with love and interest in supporting our initiatives. God bless, AMEN.




I’m a Tanzania based TUKAONE Projects Manager works with agricultural and children school projects for the most of my lifetime because it makes me joyful, happy and rewarded with love and blessings from the community around us and children.

The journey to the dream coming true began long time ago when shaping my own life back in 2010, when I tried for the first time to be a self – trained kindergarten teacher at Mangula (Morogoro) where I established Gift of Language Kindergarten School, a teaching job that was full of challenges, setbacks, and failures sometimes. I met Jeremy Theoret one year after I establishment Gift of Language Kindergarten School in 2011, we received kind AND generous supports from Jeremy Theoret who always felt very sad and touched to see our kindergarten children living in a very difficult schooling environment! Together with supports from other well wishers and Samaritans passing over our Village with other tourists, I had managed to create quite a number of interesting and useful community projects such as Masude Society (www.mangula-children-caring-fund.org), Kombolera Children, Kinaco Forest Conservation are some of my wonderful involvement with the society. The success and good news arrived with our new irrigation farming project “Tukaone Projects, Ltd” with my long time friend Jeremy Theoret from USA that really fits with my vision and long time ambition in helping and promoting our communities economic development through use of land as a valuable resource.

Our recent research during 2016/2017 in developing our local communities in Morogoro with my friend Jeremy arrived at a conclusion to establish agricultural project with our community whereby we purchased at the first place and acquire a farming land of 15 acres near Dizingwi River in Hembeti village, Mvomero. Farming using our own land may be a great source of development in our community and would in return help establishing children schools, small loans to local farmers, etc.

Main inspiration is an underprivileged life our communities and families face in the day to day life!  Farming using modern ways is fun and life improving! Very welcome to our wonderful projects, “TUKAONE PROJECTS”, on our land full of promises to our society.

 Johnny M. Mwakalinga.


Hi my name is Amina Abdalla (Mwamvua Mkoba), I come from Ifakara village in Morogoro Region where I had lived with my parents who had worked as peasants and did cattle rearing. I currently live at Hembeti village in Morogoro region. I am a Tanzanian member of TUKAONE PROJECTS and joined since 2016 when my husband Johnny first told me of his engagement in a research concerning agriculture activities in Wami Dakawa with Jeremy Theoret from USA (his friend since 2001).

I was very interested to work with this organization because of my feelings and interest in doing something for my community especially the needy widows and disadvantage children. I hope TUKAONE is going to be a wonderful organization in Tanzania.



Hi my name is Abdallah Halfani, I come from Morogoro where I had lived with my parents who had worked as peasants and school workers as cooks. I currently live in Dar es salaam and teach Laws at Univeristy of Dar es salaam. I am a Tanzanian member of TUKAONE PROJECTS and joined since 2016 when Johnny Mansury first told me of his engagement in a research concerning agriculture activities in Wami Dakawa with Jeremy Theoret from USA (his friend since 2001).

I was very interested in this Agricultural project in order to take part in contributing to the Nations efforts in combating food shortage and poverty in our Country. Agriculture is a back bone of Tanzania economy but there is yet no great efforts done by our Country to fully empower famers.



Hi my name is Nelson Hutty, I come from Katavi where I had lived with my parents. I currently live in Morogoro and works as a part time lawyer with Nditi &Law Associates, National Stadium Road (Dar es salaam).  Johnny Mansury emailed me one day and informed me of a vacancy position in their Organization that they are looking for a Secretary. So, I sent my application with other candidates and I became A company Secretary after the Board Members of TUKAONE appointed me.

I will use my Laws knowledge to assist the organization in times of needs, like in compiling with various government regulations. I am happy to be able to apply my laws knowledge in ensuring that the business operates in a smooth environment.


Jeremy and Silvia are Directors of Tukaone Projects, Ltd., acting through Walk Around the World, LLC.  Walk Around the World, LLC was established to develop and promote education, public health, and economic development in local communities needing assistance. Walk Around the World’s mission is to develop, establish, promote and/or maintain local business, public health and educational entities around the world via various media. We recognize that local and global economic opportunity, public health, and educational opportunity are all bound together. We also recognize that opportunities are not equally distributed. Walk Around the World’s vision is to use the power of media to provide real world investment in our world and futures.

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