Tukaone Projects’ Stored Rice Sold for First Profit!

Tukaone Projects stored rice

We received the following update from Tukaone Projects’ manager, Johnny Mwakalinga about the sale of the first rice harvest that had been stored since June and sold in December for Tukaone Projects’ first profit!:

It is mid October, again and soon we will try rice production on our fields. The stored paddy is now taken out, dried using the sun and got to be milled to produce a fine rice ready for sale! The collected amount of money would help in starting a new rice production on a few acres of land. We hope to make more profits when we can succeed to take care of at least five acres. And hopeful to use the generated income to process for the title deed.

We will possibly begin planting rice this December after all farm preparation works on those 5 acres for a start. We will send you stage progress pictures for every step of our planting. There is more 4 acres left to clear. Surely, irrigation is an important requisite to the farm.

We have already sold the rice and Profit made is explained using table below (in Tanzanian Shillings):

Cost (B) Sales (A) Profit (A – B)
7 bags x 46,00 TZS Selling the 7 bags of paddy @ 90,000.00 TZS Profit made in 5 months later after the harvest
322,000 TZS 630,000 TZS 308,000 TZS ($133US)

Use of the profit made:

We will use the profit made to invest in rice planting and servicing of the 5 acres by hiring the village water pump.

Many thanks, and greetings!

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