Easter Greetings from Tukaone Projects

We received the following Easter Greetings from Tukaone Projects Manager Johnny Mwakalinga:

EASTER GREETINGS Here the school children at Masude English Medium School in the village of Mangula (Udzungwa) with their teacher also gathered to listen to an Easter story, it was the greatest love story in history. Luckily that love story had a happy ending even though we had the main character died, that man is Jesus. Jesus died on the cross in order to make the rest of human race live with hope in their life. And today, the children join with the team at Tukaone Projects of Hembeti, to extend our heartfelt thanks and prayers same way to our sponsors who had decided to squeeze their budgets, cutting off some of their spending in order to give support to our several projects and contribute to improving the lives of our communities.  We have hopes that there are other more friends who will come up to support our many TUKAONE projects. Happy Easter Day.

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