Johnny Mwakalinga, Tukaone Projects Ltd. Manager, sent the following report on project activities to assist local farmers:

Here are some nice pictures and video from Hembeti farming activities. Farmers supported by TUKAONE have well planted their rice fields and during these March rains they were well watered and with enough supply of water from Dizingwi River, the rice grows very well. TUKAONE gives supports to the fields to help rice transplanting and gap filling, and later on the weeding will start so as to make rice grow healthy. It is the March rain season now and rivers are full of water and with moderate flooding. Harvesting will be expected to start by May this year. The farmers will need some support for harvesting activities, storage facilities, etc. The fields have become part of cooperation with Tukaone Projects, and Tukaone now assists the local farmers with Market information and other financial needs. We believe that, the fortunes of fertile land and of beautiful rivers God has all given to us, with only a small support from friends, will help turn the land into useful land producing food for the communities and thereby help reduce the extent of suffering for hunger and the uncertainty of having daily meals. By producing extra harvests through modern farming activities, especially irrigation farming, we will surely be able to conduct good business and help improve our economies.

TUKAONE gave 230,000tzs (approx. $104US) as a loan to the farmers to help with transplanting and gap filling activities charges, buying insecticides, and buying a few liters of diesel to help run the water pump for bringing the water to the fields. The loans will be returned by May 30th, 2019 in the form of 5 bags of rice paddy.  That means Tukaone will acquire every bag at 46,000.00tzs and we will be able to sell for around 80,000.00 to 100,000.00 (retail price) during high seasons in October to December.  This means we will have to store the paddy for more four months before we can sell it. By selling all 5 bags, Tukaone will earn about 450,000.00 tzs at a 90,000.00tzs each selling price, with a gross profit of 220,000.00tzs ($100US), which will be used to further Tukaone Projects activities.

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