Tukaone Projects First Rice Crop

The major economic development project for Tukaone Projects, is our 15 acre farm in the village of Hembeti, Tanzania. In addition to working on clearing the farm for more crop space, Tukaone Projects lent local farmers seed money for their own rice, which is being repayed to Tukaone Projects with bagged rice to store and sell later in the year when the rice prices will be higher.

From Tukaone Manager, Johnny Mwlakalinga, we received the following dscription [edited for grammar and spelling].

Here are pictures taken from the rice fields. The ripen rice plants show a good promise to the community that there will be food coming soon and no more hunger then. But also it is a good promise that TUKAONE will be collecting some few rice bags back to the Storehouse for future trading on the market!

We are expecting to collect more rice bags for storing and trade it somewhere in the year in order to make profit and be able to collect more in the next season. Please, send us some of the raised amount, to assist us participate and help with harvesting, collecting more rice bags and store it. We shall be grateful to receive the fund.

Please also receive the photos from the fields in our Hembeti village, it is a tiring but enjoyable moment also for the farmers, as the harvesting season is a promise of no hunger to the community and a time for income generation business for most of village life. The harvesting activities will go on for most of the next two weeks. Many thanks to you and the Walk Around The World in General for having to support our initiatives and communities towards achieving economic development.

Below are more images from Tukaone Projects’ manager, Johnny Mwakalinga of harvesting, drying, sifting and storing Tukaone Projects’ first rice production.

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