Hembeti Area Businesses and Development

Walk Around the World, LLC and Tukaone Projects Ltd., are cooperating to tell the stories of local businesses and development in and around Hembeti, Tanzania, where Tukaone Projects has its rice and maize farm and assists with local economic and educational development in the region.
1). Photos from Mama Zaitunis Restaurant in the village of Hembeti, who cooks and sells meals to villagers (farmers) especially in the farms cultivation season.  When the women go to farm, there is no one to cook at home, and that is why most men would buy meals from such restaurants when they get back from the farms hungry. Mama Zaituni cooks around 8 kgs of rice per day.
2). Photos from Mnjirri primary school in Gairo, near to Hembeti town. Tukaone Projects Manager, Johnny Mwakalinga, visited class room seven, which was found to be in a very bad condition, with very few desks, walls without paint, old floors, and an old blackboard, all of which needs renovation. The environment in Gairo is hilly and very windy!
3). Photos of a Mother and Child Health Clinic under construction in Hembeti, Tanzania.  The community participates in building works.  Tukaone Projects Manager, Johnny Mwakalinga, visited there and was very happy to see such a wonderful clinic being built! 

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