Maasai Dancers Thank Tukaone Sponsors

Tukaone Projects Manager, Johnny Mwakalinga, organized some traditional dancing and singing to thank our sponsors.  This video is of Maasai men dancing and signing in Dakawa Tanzania in December, 2018.


Perfomed by: MAASAI SINGERS by Maasai people Tribe residing between Dakawa and Hembeti villages.

Duration: 11 minutes

Group Leader: Mr. Stevie

Organized by: Johnny Mwakalinga (Tukaone Projects Manager).

MAASAI SINGERS are always cattle rearing families living in between the villages of Dakawa and Hembeti in Morogoro, Tanzania. They are not established in a formal group; rather they sing for fun and entertaining their wives, children and adults. The singing is customarily done by young strong men called in their customs as “Moran”.

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