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From Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga ‎Nov‎ ‎18:
We will brief you with a few news on TUKAONE PROJECTS

1). Works with the Hembeti TUKAONE office

We have achieved to acquire a new small office room at Hembeti village and we are soon going to start some decoration works. We have organized two village painters who live nearby Hembeti village, they are going to start painting the office signboard and then do some little decorations on the wall – if you already have some sponsors/friends names and would like to paint and publish them we can do it. Send us names and several details about the sponsors. It is going to be a very beautiful building after the decoration I hope.

The Full address details for TUKAONE will be:

P.O.BOX 46,
Hembeti Village,
Mvomero District,

We need about 160 $ to organize all that we need to bring the office working. The works on the sign board painting will have to start this Monday, there is no way, as it is very important to have it at the in front of the new office, or painted on the office building.

2). Farm works and preparation

During October to December of each year is a season for starting new farming season in Tanzania. Farmers are now busy preparing farms ready for planting crops especially rice, main preparations are land clearing, cultivating and harrowing.

Here at TUKAONE, we achieved clearing few acres of the total 15 acres. If it is okay for us, the village government already have a used water pump that we could borrow it and start small irrigation farming! I know there are a number of assets we want to buy, but we could borrow this water pump and start a demonstration farm. And maybe develop little irrigation infrastructure. We will then have to research on the better species of the paddy in order to grow a healthy and widely needed rice, as the consumers taste change from time to time.

We could start by buying about 8 bags of paddy seeds for planting on the ground.

We would then need little money for buying the seeds, clearing more ground and organizing little irrigation pipes and boarders (infastrucrute).

Meanwhile we have already started planting some useful fruits trees across borders of TUKAONE farms, the young fruits trees are avocado trees.

3). Follow up on Brela/ TRA Tax clearance

We have cleared with TRA tax issues, started uploading and updating members information on the BRELA ORS. Everything will soon be on the ORS.

Many greetings, from Hembeti local leaders.



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