Tukaone Projects has an Office

Updated April 3, 2018

Tukaone Projects now has an Office!!!

TuKAoNe Projects Manager, Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga has reported that the village of Dakawa has donated a temporary office to the company while it begins working on development of the assets and infrastructure for the 15 acre rice farm.  Having an office will facilitate getting a bank account for the company.

TuKAoNe Projects Limited is a Tanzanian company established to promote economic, agricultural, and educational development in Tanzania.  Walk Around the World is a 49% owner of TuKAoNe Projects Limited.

The Mission and Purpose of TuKAoNe Projects Limited is to promote economic development and create self-sustainable communities through agricultural projects, educational projects, and by offering financial assistance to local businesses.

The first project of the Company is an agricultural project, specifically a rice farm in the area of Wami-Dakawa, Tanzania.

The Company has now completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of its development plan: 

Phase 1 (Completed Winter 2016-17): Create and register the Company – this phase involved creating, and registering the business, and planning and drafting a business plan.  A Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and Registration Certificate from Brella (A registering body in Tanzania) have been prepared, submitted, and approved.  The company business plan has been drafted.  TuKAoNe Projects Ltd. received its Certificate of Incorporation on January 5th, 2017! 

Phase 2 (Completed Spring 2017): Purchase and receive title to farm land – the former owner of the land, Mama Sara, sold TuKAoNe Projects Ltd. 15 acres of land near the Wami River for 16,500,000 TZS (approximately $8,000).  TuKAoNe Projects entered into a purchase agreement with a down payment of $500 US and the final Land Sale Agreement was signed on March 10, 2017 and the land paid for.

Update: unfortunately, the title to that property was not clear, and, as provided in the Land Sale Agreement, the sellers located other family lands not far away, northwest of Dakawa near the village of Hembeti.  After much negotiation that property has been purchased and we are in the process of acquiring a Title Deed. 

The Company will soon be moving forward with Phase 3 – developing assets and infrastructure for the  farm!

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