Tukaone Projects Update – 4/17

Update from Tukaone Projects Ltd. Manager, Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga:

Today we been for an interview regarding our Business at Revenue authority – Morogoro municipal. They are now publishing the information of TUKAONE Projects on line with TRA website and ready for producing Tin Certificate today! There were some calculations also made on the fixed assets and revenue of the Business. Our business will be ready and running after this stage. They asked about the number of employees that we are going to have when the business settles. I wrote: Secretary, Irrigation tech, Agricultural officer, Accountant and Manager. I know, we don’t have a company accountant now (tax consultant) but we will in later days need to have one to work under part time basis as per regulations requirement. Thank you, write you in few hours. Johnny.

Here is news from TRA. Oh it was near Victory today before I was called and informed of some ambiguities in the postal address of Amina! They went through our MemArt and check for addresses we wrote in there and said no problem for foreign shareholders who are in US, but since i wrote P.O. Box of Amina to be in Dar es Salaam, they said we must change her address and use that of Morogoro.  Which means I need to go back again to Brella and submit change of address.  So, we will have that minor addresses in our MEMART and I will update you… As I told you, the Bank account is even a more interesting part. Will email you back in Monday evening after Easter break, Wish you god’s blessings and grace for the Event.
God Bless, Johnny.


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