Artists Order Completed

To facilitate interest in Tukaone Project’s work and to reward sponsors, Walk Around the World ordered a quantity of carvings, bracelets, and paintings from the local artists.  Tukaone Manager Johnny Mwakalinga’s updates, May‎ ‎2 – May 15

The order we gave to the artists is now DONE! I will send some photos in few days! I mean the artists received your order of the Items and work already Done.

We paid artists money for collecting the items as you ordered. Amina took several pictures using the camera you sent! We will send pictures of the artists, of Amina collecting items at the artists shop. Otherwise, it is still very rainy in Mvomero. I am expecting collecting farms pictures by tomorrow. They are the end rains, though. We will go to the posts office tomorrow for shipping plan.

Greetings, Johnny

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