Tukaone Projects Business Update

From Tukaone Projects, LTD. Manager, Johnny Mwalakinga:

I went to Brela for asking about payment for the annual fees. But I met some challenges in the modality of payment. They said, since February 2018, the Brela had stopped receiving fees by means of cash or Bank. They are now accepting payment in terms of only on-line pay and that in order for a company to be able to pay online; it needs first to be registered online! Meaning updating and uploading all company`s directors information, secretary details, annual accounts (returns) on line. Tanzania had before February 2018 backwards, been using a manual (hard copy) company information storing system, but after February 2018 the Government has insisted on transforming to the online information system, called “Brela ORS”. Since a year has passed since we registered our Company, we are supposed to fill in the annual accounts/returns of TUKAONE PROJECTS, LTD online and Brela registrar will be able to approve our accounts. With online information, USA Directors will also be able to follow and monitor all company accounts online.

I have already created a user link on line. But we need now to get an auditor to prepare our final accounts and certify it so I can upload it on line. After submission of annual returns report, then we can finalize payment of Brela fees for January 2018. I am now busy finding an auditor to do this and get us a certified audited statement. What are your ideas on this? An auditor to prepare annual statement may cost us something. I will be busy today collecting pictures from the Ground at Hembeti and the village.

I think we were supposed to consider something like “a small capital”, on hand to help small establishment of TUKAONE, like to pay for first year compulsory running fees, auditing expenses etc so we can be able to put the company on good status on its first year. I know we will have an asset value of 16,500,000.00 on our Asset Column as Land. We may need to have something extra like a small capital for company fees and now auditing expenses. I know other things like ground clearing, designing farm infrastructure will have to wait a bit after title deed.

I contacted with an Advocate on Brela issues and he was of this opinion. We/I have to write a letter to The Registrar of Companies, (BRELA) explaining to him that we were not able to run any business during the year 2017/2018 putting forth the reasons and circumstances that led to this. And when the registrar is aware of this, then Brela will give us a letter to agree we are okay to proceed with an online registration with previous year accounts set to NIL, PLUS maybe CLEARING all previous year taxes or something like that showing only the Land we have purchased in 2017/2018.

I already know the reasons for the failure to start business in previous year which I am going to write soon in a few days time. Also that, the Advocate said he will try to prepare and design Certificate of Shares for USA/TZ TUKAONE Directors, that means we will all have our Share certificates and can then be ready to contribute capital to run the Business, I have several ideas on how we can go on waiting for the title deed while at the same time we do something little to keep business going and save something for TUKAONE issues. When we pay for the Business license fees, logically we need to do some kind of a business to return something back to the Company.

Regards, Johnny.

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