Local Tanzanian Artists: Prospect of an Art Center

In late Spring of 2018, while the farm project was continuing its course, the main focus of Tukaone Projects, Ltd. was on developing relationships with local Tanzanian artists. These very talented artists live in small villages and make anything from paintings depicting African life to hand made bracelets and carved wooden animals. Through the connection with these local artists Tukaone Projects will support and promote the local economy and at the same time provide a source for sponsoring gifts to continue the further development of the farm and other projects.


Walk Around the World, LLC also provided an HD camera and supplies to Tukaone Projects during this time to take pictures of the artists, their work and to record and facilitate telling this incredible story. This simple idea has already made a powerful impact to the local moral, sense of pride and self reliance. As told by the local manager Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga, the artisans, artists and craftsmen were very happy and were looking forward to this relationship. The agricultural, educational, and economic development (such as farming, building local schools and arts center among many) are some of the projects that Tukaone was created to do.


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