Tukaone Projects Update – Winter 2017 – 2018

During the winter of 2017 – 2018, Tukaone Projects’ efforts continued to focus on securing two additional acres to complete the 15 acre farm and attending to other business matters, including acquiring ownership rights of the property.  Below are Tukaone Projects Ltd. Manager, Johnny Mwakalinga’s, email reports from January & February, 2018:

Jan 14, 2018

Here are some points to make clear on the Hembeti farm;

One is the addition of the two acres on the other side of the Dizingwi River was not possible due to reasons beyond capacity and that too would mean processing two different land certificates and separate coordinates which would cost a lot more money. Therefore Mama Sara (the owner) was able to organize more two acres on the same side of the River (River is on the Northern Eastern part of the Tukaone Hembeti farm). So we got all the 15 acres on the same plot! Which means the coordinates were taken again to have the total area together, the extra two acres were just extended to the western part of the farm.

Two, the updated arc map with coordinates were sent to the District Land office for further processing of the Customary Right of Occupancy for TUKAONE. District Land and Natural Resources Department in MVOMERO does award Customary Right of Ownership to Farm lands as the law directs. So that is the type of ownership we Tukaone can have on our farms. The right of occupancy certification will have the sketch map and coordinates as its components.

Three, we will soon need for hiring a contractor to make farms infrastructure drawings (Design Sketch). We will need to design our farm land such as; farm borders, irrigation plan, buildings etc.

Fourth, we need to pay for the Annual Company fees and taxes at Brela – Tanzania.

We are expecting to have the title released by Thursday this week. It was already processed some days ago. Johnny.

Jan 27 

The fully sketched map of the 15 acres and the Customary Right of occupancy are ready since ten days ago, we only try to finalize the title acquiring costs of the customary document. There is also a possibility for us to upgrade the Document to the Title Deed issued by the Ministry of Land. We will need to discuss about that after we send you the Customary right of occupancy document. Write again to you soon.

Feb 18

Attached, please find the document containing information on the Customary Title and an update of our farm’s Arc Map at Hembeti Village, Mvomero, Morogoro. The grant of the Customary Title to TUKAONE is one step towards having a Title Deed. We may either go on owning our Land using this Title with its governing laws, or decide to apply for Title Deed from the Ministry, although we may really need to meet some costs as per breakdown (Invoice) below: Upon meeting of these requirements, we may be granted a TITLE Deed.

The attached Customary Title is in the Swahili Language, the translation of which is as according to the Village Land Act, 1999, section number 24, that states the Conditions for Customary Right of Occupancy. and section number 24 states Contract for a Customary Right of Occupancy, Grant of a customary right of occupancy 25, and Conditions are as on section 29 of the Act, 1999. Please, see also the Attached document on the Village Land Act, 1999 with the sections defined.

 Here are a few swahili words translated from the swahili Customary Title:

  • Nambari ya Hati = Certificate number which is MG/MV/HM/SM/169
  • Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania = The United Republic of Tanzania
  • Sheria ya Ardhi ya Vijiji = Village Land Act, 1999
  • Hati ya Hakimiliki ya Kimila  = Certificate of Customary title
  • Mashariki = Eastings
  • Kaskazini = Northings


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