Tukaone Farms Update Fall 2017

During the fall of 2017, Tukaone Projects’ efforts focused on securing the two additional acres to complete the 15 acre farm and attending to other business matters, including getting a postal address.  Below are Tukaone Projects Ltd. Manager, Johnny Mwakalinga’s, email reports from September through December 2017:

09/14/17 at 3:44 AM

We are all fine. Elizabeth and Amina will be meeting the owner of the other piece of land, the extra 2 acres of land on the other side of the river for finalizing talks in possibly owning it. We are all very impatiently looking forward to the starting of the project. It is taking a long time surely. But we hope to be able to settle everything by October. The Tanzania revenue authority has visited Tukaone two days ago and met Elizabeth and Amina there at the office. It is about assessing the progress the business initiation. God bless.

10/16/17 at 6:49 AM

We have achieved convincing the owner on to the other side of the river for the extra two acres to join to the first 13 acres, so it`s up to mama Sara (our Seller) now to arrange ownership of the whole. We are thinking whether we could start some little farm designing and make a drawing (structure design) for the farms. We will send photos and news on this. We plan to start some little farming soon while other arrangements are in progress. And many greetings from the team especially Elizabeth and Amina.
Missing you all! Johnny.

12/01/17 at 10:32 AM

How have you been?
I have been to Mangula for a couple of days and sorry for not updating you for a couple of Days. But I am to Morogoro and will collect any information about TuKAoNe Projects and send you something. I will be working for collecting information for all these two weeks while here. Many greetings from Eliza and especially Amina.
You are in our thoughts.

12/09/17 at 8:11 AM

Yes we are working on the title need now. I have shared the news of the camera with members, we are very thankful and will send you our postal address. Regards, Johnny.

12/21/17 at 12:07 AM

We have good news for our Business today.

First is of the company’s official postal Address in Tanzania!

I went for the last interview (Activities of Our Business, etc.) today at Morogoro Postal office and after confirmation of the Address Registration they requested me to pay for the opening and annual fees of the Bag. I paid almost 30,000 T.shs ($13.20 US) for owning the Company’s postal bag.

Later on they will issue us with a TUKAONE POSTAL ID CARD which will have both your picture and mine. As I had to give them two photos of you and two photos of me. Any one of us (either you or me) can go to the postal and get service.  I will send you a scanned copy of the ID card and copy of the official postal receipt later on this Evening.

Ps: I am told that the title deed is ready, for all the 15 acres of TuKAoNE! The coordinates survey for the extra two acres was also done but with some expenses to clear at the Land office department in order to get the Coordinates statement. And also the title deed does really need to clear some petty charges in order to own it. And upon clearance, we can get it soon.
Greetings, Johnny.

12/21/17 at 4:34 AM

Attached, please find, attachments of postal details with information below as follows;


We are all so very glad that the Business has now its own postal Bag in Tanzania!
Hope to hear from you soon, Best.

PS: You can now also send the camera to the above address.
Johnny, M.

12/26/17 at 6:38 AM

The department of Land at Mvomero has made the Sketch drawing (Map) of the Area so they together with a Right of Occupancy will be handled over to us upon clearance of the Bills. Regards, Johnny

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