Tukaone Projects Update – August 2017

Editor’s Note: after the purchase of the first property was thwarted due to a titling issue, the next few months primarily involved negotiating the boundaries of the new property.  The following updates from Johnny Mwakalinga, Tukaone Projects Ltd. Manager, are presented here together.

08/02/17 at 1:27 PM

We discovered some errors on the site coordinates, especially Point number 5. The engineer has made some correction and now we have the best drawing made by the Surveyor! Drawn on Arc map. On the arc map it calculated to be exactly 13.2 Acres (Around 32,240 Hectares). Tomorrow he is trying to site it on google maps. But you can also do that when I send u the arc map. Get it soon.



08/03/17 at 4:22 AM

Attached, receive the Arc Map from Surveyor, Registered M. Jude Shirima, who took an interest to work for Tukaone Farms coordinates.

Hope to hear from you soon on any findings.

Ciao, Johnny.

08/03/17 at 2:41 PM

My elder Mother is living at Magole. From Magole to Hembeti farm may be about 2 to 3 kms. I simply know that the first seven digits of the coordinates are Northings, and the other six digits coordinates are eastings. I will contact Surveyor soon for clarification. And yes it is possible to add the difference of 1.8 acre on to the second side of the river. The 13.2 acres are only 60m from the river. Yes it is a good idea to have the other difference on to the other side of the river. Till soon.

08/04/17 at 8:55 AM

The Surveyor is working on translating the UTM coordinates we sent you. It is a UTM coordinates system we are using. And he said something like converting those UTM coordinates to longitude and latitudes. I am not sure.  He sends us some more details soon.

08/05/17 at 9:29 AM

Some short details from Mr. Jude….
we take coordinates by using Garmin GPS 62S with 3m error, in Tanzania at Morogoro we are using 37S zone. So if you want to see the location at Google Earth you just convert the Arcmap shapefile into KLM Layer from Arc 1960 UTM to WGS 84 then linking the converted file to Google Earth.
If you want to make the polygon, just drop the coordinates to ArcMap then digitize the point.

I think you could also try (-7 degrees 56’21.97″ S, 37degrees 24’41.18″ E). We also attached a google map link here for your further trials to catch up the site. I am making further follow up on actual distances from river Mkundi. Please check the attached file.

Let us know if you can manage to catch the area at Hembeti.

Hope to hear from you soon.


08/06/17 at 5:42 AM

Unless if there are some errors in taking the coordinates of the Area, then we will try to conduct another Survey.

I tried to cruise over my Tanzanian atlas map and going through the longitudes and latitudes manually, and find myself almost to the area! Well, we wait for your findings.

Rgds, Johnny.

08/14/17 at 8:28 AM

We thought to take another coordinates for mkundi river to the farmland to calculate exact distance, if we can manage that, but by estimation it is more than 14 km away from the Hembeti farmland. And about 2 to 3 km from mvomelo farms. We may also try to take the coordinates of Dizingwi river sometime in near time when we can. That will help us bit far more. Till soon, Johnny.

08/31/17 at 5:14 AM

Hi Jeremy,

Habari gani Bwana.. Thanks for the mail. Yes, we will then proceed on with acquiring the next few extra acres so that we can then try getting the title deed of the whole. Will email again soon.

Greetings, Johnny M.


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