Things to Finalize Before Starting Farming

Tukaone Projects, LTD. Manager, Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga, update on the business and farm:

I would like to let you know on the things we at TUKAONE need in order to make the Company/project ready for operation of its Activities.  Some few things to finalize before a real farming can take place:

1). To be able to finalize updating of company`s information on to “Breal – ORS”, we need to do the following:
(a). Pay tax clearance for all directors and the Company`s Tax at Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), once paid the Authority will grant us a Tax Clearance certificate, each this will cost a total of 1,400,000.00 ($630 USD) for 4 directors and a corporate tax for TUKAONE for the whole year.
(b). Then we will finalize updating of company information on to Brela ORS
(c). Filling of annual returns (Accounts) on to the Breal ORS with a help of an Auditor, which will cost at least 100,000.00 ($45 USD)

(d). Pay Brela fees for financial year 2018/2019 – This money is already in the Bank account of TUKAONE.
(e). Pay Business License fees for financial year 2018/2019 – This money is already in the Bank account of TUKAONE
With a Tax Clearance certificate, we will be granted with a New Business License for TUKAONE PROJECTS LTD for year 2018/2019.
2). To finalize farms clearing and early preparations,
Here we have already cleared about 3.5 acres of land using little money we contributed, sometimes working on payment basis such as giving the villagers some food and they clear the land in return, and we are left with about 11.5 acres left not cleared. We need fund to finalize clearance and make the farm ready for next stages such as designing infrastructure, construction of buildings, buying of seeds etc (you already have these estimates), in order to make the irrigation program ready and farming to take place. To clear each one acre is around T.shs 120,000.00 for 11.5 acres is about 1,380,000.00 ($621 USD)
3). Painting TUKAONE new office,
We need some fund to be able to invite a painter (maybe Dada Easter?), to decorate and paint the office. Painter will need some painting materials and little pay for her. I phoned the painter yesterday and they are very excited to do the job! But they need to travel from Bagamoyo all way to TUKAONE new office at Hembeti (Mvomero). Maybe I should get the local painters from Hembeti?. The estimate cost for all printing work is around 350,000.00 ($158 USD).
4). I still do have copies of your passports of you and Silvia.
5). A meeting to Declare a new Secretary,

We can then go on with a process of voting and appointing a new secretary, I could send you at least two names of different candidates with their qualities and we will vote on them. The selected one will be appointed by a special board resolution to service the office for financial year 2018-2019.

At this point, let us do the voting through electronic mails as I do not have a good/reliable internet connection with my mobile phone as it was in the last video meeting. I will have my laptop in the next days from Mangula and with the speedy Halotel internet our Skype meeting will be smoothly well, with other members. I will let you know when we are ready for Skype!
When we get funds, it will really help facilitating several needs of our new Business and help making it alive and operating as according to the Government regulations.

God Bless, Johnny.

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