Small Business Challenges

From Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga, 

As I checked into our Bank Account Balance today, the amount left in our bank is only 205,000.00 TZS ($92 USD), which is a saving to be used for the taxes and fees. We cannot be able to pay the Brela taxes and Business License fees without first finalizing with an online company details updating and also make Tax clearance. We TZ Directors have our Tin Numbers, and for you will be the Passport numbers identification, but when we have money we could clear taxes for all directors and the company tax at once.

It is at the moment a very big challenge for almost all private companies in Tanzania as there is a lot of new information and details needed for this new system which only started to be introduced in Tanzania since February, 2018.  Otherwise, all preparation on farming ground is going on well. Some little land clearing has been done, and we have shifted further close to the village while doing other jobs earning activities waiting for TuKAoNe farming to initiate.

Many greetings from beautiful Hembeti, will try to sending you pictures from TuKAoNe office soon.

God Bless, Johnny M.

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