Business Update

From Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga, Tukaone Projects Manager:

We have been busy on our side. The good news is I, the Secretary, and Amina are now living in a village very near to TuKAoNe Farms at Hembeti. As we have not held another meeting to arrange and decide on a change of Secretary, still Fatuma (Elizabeth). John Mwakalinga is the acting Secretary for our Company.  And a complicated news is that; the online updating of our company is still half way done, we have managed updating some details on line, but we still can`t finalize the process of making an online Brela fees etc until we pay Tax clearance at Tanzania Revenue Authority as I was informed yesterday. So, we have the TRA forms now which need a tax clearance for all four directors, and the Company tax itself. Whenever this is done, we can get able to finalize online registration of our Company and thus be able to also pay Brela fees.

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