Tukaone Farms Update

Update on Tukaone Farms from Tukaone Projects Ltd. manager Johnny Mansur Mwakalinga:

Down here we are all well. Only that we are still waiting for the response from the Ministry for co-ordinates results and be able to process the Title deed. I have however forwarded the Tin Certificate application to Tanzania Revenue Authority and are also expecting for the news this or next week (we have attached our sales agreement to the authority) while we are still waiting for the results from Land Department. If there are any updates/ issue for clarification or editing, I will let you know soon.

I and the other members here are a bit uncomfortable with keep on waiting for the results from the Ministry. As I hope – you and Silvia too must be really looking forward to the next step of our Business.
Please, bear with us while we are following up on these issues. I will let you know on all progresses with more photos.

Greetings, Johnny.

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